Submission Guidelines

We welcome all forms of nonfiction writing, including personal and critical essays.


Please note that our audience for The Reckoning is a general audience. We ask you to refrain from using academic jargon or footnotes in your submissions, though feel free to use hyperlinks. We strive for intelligent and clear writing that can appeal to a broad, but well-informed audience.

Next Steps

We will reach out 30 days after receiving the pitch or submission, if we plan to publish. Your submission must be exclusive to the Counter Narrative Project (CNP) and The Reckoning. We only publish original material, i.e. first-ever publication. We cannot run a piece that has already appeared on the web or elsewhere in print. We will not publish reprints. CNP as a condition of publication retains the right to publish the posted content in any media. Contributors must obtain written permission from the Executive Director to reprint your piece in any other venues.

Authors should expect to revise before publication. Submission to our blog does not guarantee publication. All publication decisions are left to the CNP editorial team.